Worst dressing of Celebrities at Hum Awards

A celebrity is always in the spotlight. their talking,walking, behavior even their sense of dressing is also observed. here we will see some worst dressing of celebrities at the 4th HumTv Awards.

An award function is the biggest on-air screen show which depicts the efforts of the celebrities. many waits for such award nights to be held. its a celebrity’s responsibility to prepare well for this day. they should dress well and not disappoint their fans and followers by cheap dressings. lets have a look:

Worst dressing of Celebrities:

  • The Hocaine sisters:

both Urwa and Mawra have been in news lately for some rumors or other. be it Mawra’s acting in a bollywood movie or her disrespecting Senior artists, when the sisters join the Pakistani Drama and entertainment industry, they were not so into news negatively. last night’s list of the worst dressing celebrities included their names on top. from the makeover to hairstyle and the outfits to accesories nothing suits them. the dress was looking more of a little baby girl with all the toys and cartoons.

worst dressing


worst dressing






  • Saba Qamar: she’s one of the pakistani actress with huge fan following, but in this avatar she’s for sure gonna loose some fans. we wish you were as elegant as you use to be saba!


  • Humaima Malik: well, the picture clarifies why she’s in the list of worst dressing.




  • Sumbul Iqbal: really sumbul? well, the social media fans are bashing sumbul for being this cheap when it comes to dressing.





  • Gohar Rasheed: it made me LOL ! termed as “Clown of the event” or “ninja” by social media followers. can anyone really guess what was he upto? Mannu will definitely divorce him 😀


well well welll….

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