Women Lipsticks fashion trends 2015 in Pakistan

Lipstick is an important feature that depicts the quality of your makeup. But the right choice of color of lipstick is very important. Lipstick should be selected according to the skin color tone and the colors in fashion trend. Right color choice of lipsticks that are in fashion make you attractive. Here is a complete list of lipsticks fashion trends in Pakistan:-


As summer has started and bright clothes are in  fashion trend. When we talk about lipsticks in summer we conclude that summer is all about fruity colors. So, hot and bright lipsticks colors are in lipsticks fashion trend. Like lipstick with deep orange shade is in fashion trend. It makes your lips look prettier.

Deep orange Lipstick shade, lipsticks fashion trend


No beauty box is complete without a gloss.  These summers everyone is loving  bright orange citrus.

Bright Orange Citrus

Bright Orange Citrus, lipsticks fashion trend

Sheer and shimmery light pink color also suits in summer and it is also in lipsticks fashion trend. Bright pink color adds beauty to your face and brighten up your lips. It is a mate color and make you look classy in summers.

Bright Pink shade

Bright Pink shade, lipsticks fashion trend

Bold red lips are liked by everyone in every season but in bright and sunny days it is preferred more. Red lipstick is more in Fashion trend.

Red Lipstick

Red color, lipsticks fashion trend


If we talk about night time then the colors are specific. Deep bright lipsticks colors are in fashion trend to use at night time. As for instance, deep berry color is in trend to use at night time. It makes your lips to have trendy look.

Deep berry shade

Deep berry shade, lipsticks fashion trend


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