Winter Makeup Ideas 2016

Its in human nature that it admires beauty and attracts towards it. Allah has created us beautiful and we enhance our beauty with little effort. For this girls use makeup to make themselves more pretty. Makeup trends have been changing with time. Every season has its own colors like in summer light colors are preferred and winter makeup mostly consist of dark shades or smoky makeup. Selection of foundation is very important for good makeup. Having the perfect makeup look is the wish of every women. Application of makeup require some expertise and attention. Smoky makeup is not only be done with black color but you can also use other dark colors like dark green shade. Winter Makeup Ideas 2016 is here to give you ideas about winter makeup and its colors.

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Winter Makeup Ideas 2016


Get prepared with one of these magnificent fall makeup look 2016. For eye makeup first unifies your complexion with neutral base. Use two different colors like dark brown, dark blue with black. Blending is most important in smoky makeup. If you blend your shades well it will give smooth look.

Winter Makeup Ideas 2016- good Winter Makeup Ideas 2016-golden black
Winter Makeup Ideas 2016-green


Winter Makeup Ideas 2016

Winter Makeup Ideas 2016-smoky aye Winter Makeup Ideas 2016-smoky

Always do makeup with little tricks if you are doing heavy makeup on your eyes then make your lipstick color light.

Winter Makeup Ideas 2016-silver

For Perfect lipstick, First use primer on your lips for making your lipsticks stay longer.  outlined your lips properly.


Winter Makeup Ideas 2016- 2shade

Winter Makeup Ideas 2016-bold lipstick


If you have small eyes… dont worry … Make you eyes big with liner. You can use “Cat liner” .

Winter Makeup Ideas 2016-feature

You can use golden eye shade with simple liner for lighter look.

Winter Makeup Ideas 2016-linner

Perfect eye liner for routine events. You see that  eyes are light having only liner but lipstick here is bold and dark.

Winter Makeup Ideas 2016-lipstick

Lovely Lipstick color.

Winter Makeup Ideas 2016-pinkish

You can use colored eye liner.

Winter Makeup Ideas 2016-zinc

Winter Makeup Ideas 2016

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