Why Pakistani Drama Plays Are Better Than Indian Ones?

Why Pakistani drama plays are better than Indian ones? There is no doubt that Pakistani dramas are on the most watched dramas in the world. Pakistani drama industry is the leading industry of the world and it’s enhancing and reaching the heights of success, day by day.

Pakistani directors write the script in the best way and their dramas always show us the reality. So here are some reasons that why Pakistani drama plays are better than Indian ones?

Why Pakistani Drama Plays Are Better Than Indian Ones?

Why Pakistani Drama Plays Are Better Than Indian Ones?

1). If we compare Pakistani drama serials with Indian ones, then we can easily understand the difference between the two. There is a difference of Hell and Heaven! Most of the Pakistani drama plays last not upto one-two months but Indian serials don’t end since years. Pakistani directors and producers are able to pack up the drama serial in the best possible manner while the Indians keep running their dramas for years and years!

2) Secondly, Pakistani drama serials are based on reality. These dramas give a moral lesson and are a source of inspiration. While on the other hand, if we take a look at the Indian drama plays, then we can observe that they are totally based on Saas-Bahu fights. There is no start, no end and no common sense in them.


3) The most stupid thing in Indian serials is that, actress in these dramas wear a lot of makeup. Whether they are ill or sleeping in the drama, lipstick and lots of foundation on their faces make us laugh. On the other hand, the Pakistani drama serials look as they are based on real life stories and the actresses do makeup according to the specific needs of the play.

4) Indians have a habit of crying! In each and every episode of Indian drama, there is Rona Dhona 😛 Their actresses are busy filling the ocean with their tears.

5) If their is a wedding or a special festival in Indian dramas, then believe me that it will last for months. Audience get tired to see the festival celebrated in drama for a long period. On the other hand, the Pakistani drama plays organize such things in the best possible manner and never try to make the drama episodes reach upto 100 or 200!

6) The background songs in Indian dramas, keep on playing the whole time. The lead actress according to the situation, cry on it, dance on it etc. Pakistani drama serials never adopt this stupid policy.

7) Indian drama plays always try their best to make the audience mad and stupid. For every shocking news, background music “Dhum Ta Na Na, Dhum Ta Na Na” is played and the leading actress or actor say words like Nahi Nahi, Hayee Rabba, Kya Kya etc.

8) The Indian drama plays never give a moral at the end. Their directors always write the worst type of scripts which is never understood by us. No one knows that for what purpose is this drama played for. On the other hand if we take a look at the Pakistani dramas then they are based on reality things and always give a good lesson and aware us of different things like the respect of a woman etc.

So these are the reasons that why Pakistani dramas are better than Indian plays. Did we forget to mention any other reason? Don’t forget to share your valuable info with us.

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