8 Reasons Why Making Roti Is The Hardest Thing Ever

Here are eight reasons why making roti is the hardest thing ever. I hope you will enjoy today’s funny post.

When you mix water with flour, it’s never the right proportion. Sometimes, the dough gets too thin and sometimes it gets hard.

sticky dough chappati

The procedure of kneading the dough makes the dough stick on your fingers, nails and hands. The sticky dough does not wash away easily.

sticky dough

The hardest challenge is rolling the roti. It’s difficult to make a perfect ‘Gol Roti’.

no round chappati


The Roti gets stuck to the rolling pin and then it takes a funny oval shape.

rolling roti


Sometimes the roti you cook becomes hard like a ‘Papar’.

burnt roti

Your mother scolds you and gives you a threat!

round roti funny

You have to make sure that your hair does not fall in the dough. If any body founds a hair while eating your cooked roti then it will ruin his/her dinner or lunch.

hair in food

The hot tawa bakes you as well along with the roti. The heat and smoke coming from Tawa is not good for your fair skin!

heat from the tawa

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