Why did release of “Ghazi” A film of a superhero has delayed

It was annouced that film will be released on July 14th 2017 and Premiere was to be held on July 13th but due to some techniqual problems the release of film delayed . Team said that there were some sound and other techniqual problems . It is also said that film’s producers did not want to delay its release but Humayon saeed insisted that film must be delayed . This film is based on a Science fiction in which Humayon Saeed , Syra shehroz , and Shehryar munawar are playing a leading role. Ta’lat hussain and Amir qureshi also worked in it.

Producer said that yet we cannot give the final release date. Distribution club has film’s distribution.

Nadir Shah is the film Director and it is his first film. The film’s story revolves around the struggle of a super hero army man.

Humayon Saeed confessed that film is still incomplete and has many sound problems. He said that film’s story is described as dailogues if they ain’t prominent then nothing remains behind. He already told his producers to delay the releasing date of “Ghazi”. He also said that

” Usaully i do not take part in others film but i worked in Ghazi just to encourage his youth”

Here are some clicks from ghazi



Cover shoot for project ghazi.


Here is the official trailor of “Ghazi”


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