Which Pakistani Divas Refuse To Age?

There are so many Pakistani divas who still look the same the day they came ahead with the start of the career. It means that even the age cannot defeat them when it comes to their natural beauty and looks. Below we have the list of some famous Pakistani divas who refuse to age!

Which Pakistani Divas Refuse To Age?

1. Ayesha Khan:

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At first we have famous actress Ayesha Khan who is getting more and more beautiful with the passage of time. If you will watch her very first play then you will find that she looks still the same as she was at the time of start of the career.

2. Mehreen Syed:

Which Pakistani Divas Refuse To Age003

Moving ahead comes the top known model of Pakistan fashion world named as Mehreen Syed. Mehreen Syed is entitled to be the asian bridal beauty and this beauty still exists in her appearance even after so many years. Even after giving birth to a baby girl she has maintain her body shape so perfectly.


3. Sanam Baloch:

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At the third we have the name of Sanam Baloch! She is an actress with the innocent face look and this innocence is her real beauty that has made her simply the favorite of so many people.

4. Noor Bukhari:

Which Pakistani Divas Refuse To Age006

At the last but not the least we have the popular Noor Bukhari! Even after so many years noor still looks the same as with the exceptional beauty looks. Did you remember her song “tera naam hatheli par likh kar”? Doesnt she look the same as now?
So here we have ended up with the names of few famous Pakistani divas that have refused the age and has the same beauty and attraction! Which one is your favorite diva when it comes to age?

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