Which Are The Controversial Pakistani Morning Show Hosts?

Morning shows in Pakistan are most watched up by the women. Some of the women even make these morning show hosts as they life inspiration! But how do you feel if your favorite morning show host came up with some big controversy?

Which Are The Controversial Pakistani Morning Show Hosts?

Which Are The Controversial Pakistani Morning Show Hosts

Shaista Lodhi:


At the first spot we have the name of Shaista Lodhi! She was quite famous at the time of the career as it comes to the famous morning show hosts but at the same time it is an undeniable reality that you never know when the destiny take the turn. She was banned from the GEO Television for humiliating religion. Along with Shaista Lodhi, Veena Malik was banned as well.


Maya Khan:



In the next we have the name of Maya Khan! She was even one of the popular morning show host but her one single episode take away the whole fame from her. She carried away special episode that was against those boys and girls who meet up in the parks. But after sometime it came up with the evidence that who so ever couples she caught up at the time of show were all paid actors.

Nadia Khan:


Last we have the name of Nadia Khan! Nadia Khan did an episode with famous actress Noor and her going-to-be husband. But in the same episode she called the ex-husband of Noor without her permission. During the show Nadia Khan even try to discuss her previous marriage details. After the show Noor came up with the statement that Nadia Khan did all such scene over the show just for raising the TRP of the show.
Well these have been few top famous and most controversail morning show hosts in Pakistan! Do you think they should be given another chance?

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