Whats The New Name Given To Hania Aamir By Netizens?

After the famous Pakistani actress Hania Aamir shared her new vlog, she received criticism from fans again. Whats The New Name Given To Hania Aamir By Netizens?, The actress recently shared a video blog on her YouTube channel where she can see that she has a nose piercing and the friend who accompanies her opted for an ear piercing.

Whats The New Name Given To Hania Aamir By Netizens?

During the blow of her nose, the actress screamed in pain and saw her boyfriend laugh at her.

One user criticized the actress for overreacting to pain and wrote that the pain wasn’t that great, it just felt like a pinprick.

Users criticized the actress for wanting to engage in such activities, especially during the embargo period.

A user named Zubia commented that “outrageous performance” while another user said the actress’s nose was pierced incorrectly and better equipment, such as an earplug gun, should be used.

The actress has been the victim of much controversy before. Earlier, “Dimple Girl” Daniel Hania Aamir had called for the implementation of SOP on social media to prevent the global Covid-19 epidemic. She was criticized for it.

The actress shared a photo of herself on her Instagram account that she can stand outside.

Hania Aamir said in the title of her post: “Make sure everyone is safe. Keep masks! Stay home! Apne liye aur apne pyaron kai liye ehtiyaat karain …”

Although the post received thousands of likes from fans, some internet users also criticized the actress’s attractiveness in the comments section.

Fans and followers said the actress herself was out and told us everyone stayed at home, contradicting her testimony.


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