Weight Loss Myths -You should stop believing

Alot have been written and researched on weight loss. In my opinion, not everything you read about weight loss must be believed. there are various Weight loss myths too, that must not be given an ear.

No one knows your body well more than you. Its always a safer side to adjust your diet plans or weight loss regime according to yourself. Via this article I will try to guide you how not following such weight loss myths will benefit you.

Build up your own customised plans and start bursting these bubbles related to weight loss myths.

Weight Loss Myths You Should Not Believe:

  1. Stop Snacking:

you must have always heard that if you are on a weight loss regime so avoid munching on or snacking. Well, this is truly not the case. Your metabolism rate must be higher if you need to loose weight fast and for that, it’s always advised to break down your meal into small portions. Consuming snacks in between meals instead of hampering the weight loss process helps in making sure that you don’t feel excessively hungry during lunch or dinner. In fact, expert dietitians often ask people on a weight loss mission to have five to six small meals in a day instead of having three big ones. However, snacking doesn’t mean you consume on candies, muffins or fried snacks. if you want to stay fit and lose weight consistently, you must replace those flattering treats with nuts, boiled vegetables, fruits etc.


2. Replace your meals with their healthy version:

It’s hard at the beginning to starve or totally change your eating habits. But, minor replacements and choosing healthy options will be very easy and will benefit you. It’s true that you should avoid consuming firs, double cheeseburgers, apple pies, sodas etc. when trying to lose your excess body fat; however, having a bite or two of the above-mentioned items once in a while will not cause any harm to you. Change and plan your meals accordingly.

  • Have a plate of salad as starter
  • Have grilled chicken instead of breaded, over fried chicken
  • Go for fresh fruits or raw vegetables.
  • Stay away from dressings and sauces.
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