Wedding Sherwani Trend 2016

Boys are also very conscious about their wedding outfit. They want to look smart and tall. Mostly boys prefer  Sherwani on their wedding day   because it gives  different look as compare to the casual and look more trendy than the two piece. Different types of hand work are now done on the collar or at the selves portion. Grooms sherwani mostly consist of some dark colors. Some people like off-white shade. It also look trendy. In India, red color is the very lucky color. So most of the people of India select red and maroon color for their wedding attire but  Pakistani grooms avoid red color . Red color  is for the brides. Wedding Sherwani Trend 2016 showing  the splendid collection of latest  sherwani designs

Wedding Sherwani Trend 2016

wedding sherwani Trend 2016- brown

Groom wearing the splendid wedding sherwani.

wedding sherwani Trend 2016- classic

Wedding sherwani is made specially for scintillating  the look of groom on the day of wedding.

wedding sherwani Trend 2016- full black


wedding sherwani Trend 2016- offwhite

Something like this would look gorgeous on the wedding day.

wedding sherwani Trend 2016- pink

Sherwani made from the high quality simmer material which give the elegant look.

wedding sherwani Trend 2016- silver

This sherwani will give the royal look. Sharukh khan has also wear this type of sherwani in his movie “Dilwale”. So, fan of him can consider this 🙂


wedding sherwani Trend 2016- velvet


Neck of this sherwani has delicate hand work which give formal look to the outfit.

wedding sherwani Trend 2016- wedding

This color is very in now a days and it look inspiring.

wedding sherwani Trend 2016


Ranveer kapoor looking handsome in this trendy outfit .

wedding sherwani Trend 2016-black

Wedding Sherwani Trend 2016

wedding sherwani Trend 2016-feature image

You can consider this for your menhdi event.

wedding sherwani Trend 2016-purple

This sherwani is best as per customer rating and praised every time.

wedding sherwani Trend 2016-style

Wedding Sherwani Trend 2016

wedding sherwani Trend 2016-white


Wedding Sherwani Trend 2016


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