Wedding Outfits Of Bride and The Components

Once you hear the words “Here comes the bride”, a multitude of images can enter your mind. The opening of the grand doors revealing the beautiful bride in a white dress, petals on the floor scattered by the adorable flower girls, the sound of the piano, and then there at the very front of the altar is the groom in his tuxedo, just waiting for his bride to finally reach him. Everyone thinks of a similar image, a blushing bride, a handsome groom, and all the guests present are there to witness the moment the bride and groom say “I do”.

One of the most unnoticed components in this image would be the different wedding outfits & wedding guests. The guests are seen as witnesses during the proper ceremony, but the reason that they are present is a great one. All the guests have been deemed important to both the bride and groom. They are the supporters, both family and friends, all are gathered there in one place. They are a big part of the wedding itself, after all without any witness there can be no wedding. They are gathered there at that day, on that exact time, to be the living proof of what is about to transpire. They are proof that the couple has finally become one, and those guests who have witnessed them grow and change is continuing to see the change in their lives by seeing them become man and wife.


Another minor component in the common image of a wedding is the wedding outfits. Almost all just imagine them to be pleasant looking, but to get that image is quite difficult. On the bride’s part it is hard to choose the wedding dress alone. To add more to that difficulty, the bride has to decide the design of the bridesmaids’ dresses. The latter largely depends on the color motif of the wedding place. The common colors are blue and purple, but there are some that will want a different shade of the color or a different design. The thought put into the different wedding outfits are overwhelming. The outfits are there to present the key role players in the wedding properly, distinguishing them from the rest of the people present in the church. It shows their privilege and how much they mean to the bride and groom on their special day.

The components of a wedding are the priest, the guests, the bridesmaids and man of honor, the flower girl, the ring bearer and so on. A lot of thought and preparation had been made for this day by the main component that is the bride and groom their selves. They are the main celebrants that are going through the drastic change in their lives by all the events on this day. It’s a truly beautiful day for everyone to witness, but it is the most special for the bride and groom.


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