Waqar Zaka Step ahead to “Save” Begum Nawazish Ali By “Exposing” Him & The Internet is Getting Crazy

Begum nawazish ali lately made some extremely distressing statements these days. Ali saleem may not be a household name, however his move-dressing alter-ego, begum nawazish ali without a doubt is. Almost a week ago, ali went “stay” on his fb and went on a rampage “exposing” the Pakistani navy for what he claimed changed into involvement in drug hobby, prostitution and other immoral indulgences.

 “i’m going to talk the fact. There may be no pressure on this earth that could prevent me anymore,” stated ali saleem in the direction of the start of the video. He then went on to complex all of the immoral activities he had visible the Pakistan navy partake in or even revealed that he had been scouted as a pimp for them. In his video, ali referred to as upon the leader justice of Pakistan to offer him with protection to come to the splendid courtroom so he may additionally overtly screen all information he has and offer evidence for his allegations. The video also had ali alleging that he were sexually exploited by using director nadeem baig in Mumbai and then appealed to his colleagues from the industry to almost take steps to eliminate such perpetrators as opposed to in reality resorting to social media activism.

waqar zaka started off the video via revealing that he’s making this video because he had acquired such an onslaught of messages about ali that he feared he would resort to suicide. Although waqar is extremely insensitive in his technique through demonizing suicide as a way used by humans to garner revenge from others to advantage sympathy and going as far as to criticize the public’s appreciation of the past due qandeel baloch after her death,  he calls upon fanatics to ship ali saleem love.

Zaka proceeded to reward ali and his writing and acting ability and touches in short on how they constructed a rapport whilst running for ary together. He then posted clips from ali’s now deleted video and asked the viewers to offer their opinion concerning the whole scenario.

Waqar also shared a few posts from ali’s fb page that allegedly exposed sexual escapades within the industry. Waqar also denied that he’s making this video to leech off a few attentions from ali’s recent state of affairs.

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