Vitamin ‘C’ Orange Skin Care Tips

 Vitamin-C'-Orange-Skin-Care-Tips If you want to maintain a healthy body, then you must add fruits in your regular diet. One such fruit is Orange, which is well known for being a good source of Vitamin C, which not help you to improve your skin texture but also improves your skin colour as well. Here are few useful uses of Orangefor our common skin care problem.


  • Take fresh orange peel and rub it on your skin, it will not only tighten your skin but will also improves your skin colour.
  • Take orange peel and dry them in sun. Afterwards grind them and mix some milk cream in it and mingle these two ingredients nicely and then apply it on your face. This facial mask will help you to reduce dark spots and blemishes of your skin and will make your skin glow.
  • Take some orange juice and pour it in ice tray and freeze it. Rub these orange juice ice cubes on your face, it will make not only freshen up your skin but will also help control your acne problems.

Oranges restore collagen in your body, which is very vital for us because collagen is responsible for not only firming our skin but also prevent early aging signs.

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