Veena Malik Expecting Her Second Baby

Did you hear that? Veena Malik is expecting her second baby! Well, it is true as according to sources, the actress of movies and tv of Pakistan Veena Malik got married to Asad a few years back.

Veena Malik expecting another baby

Pakistani actress Veena Malik is the mother of a little and cute son named Abram khattak who just turned nine months. It was better for the lady to first look after the little one and grow him up properly. But the things don’t go always the same. The lady is again expecting a baby.

According to a recent news, Veena Malik is pregnant with another baby of Asad. The couple seems to be happy to welcome their new child to this world. Veena Malik told to media that she loves Abram, so as the upcoming baby. She also said that she will make sure to take very good care of her both children.

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Veena Malik


Veena Malik is happily married

Why not, Veena Malik after spending much time in glamour world, now has been adjusted in her household life fully. She said good bye to the movies immediately after her marriage.

Recently Veena Malik did umrah not only with her husband but also with the rest of her family members.

She has said that she loves her family and wants to spend most of time with them. She further told that she is very conscious about the proper growth and look after of her children and she will surely prove to be a good and responsible mother.

Veena Malik recently attended AIBA awards with her husband Asad. There Veena made entry displaying her big bump with a baby inside. This all made it clear that yes the lady is expecting a baby and is soon going to become the mother of another child.

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