Veena Malik and Sania Mirza Twitter fight last night Gets Worst

Sunday witnessed Pakistan dropping to India in the Cricket World Cup 2019 and all hell broke loose. Tweets have been exchanged, a lot was once said and completed however the story didn’t stop there.

Last night, anybody on Twitter shared a video of Sania Mirza sitting at what looked like a Sheesha cafe with her husband Shoaib Malik, her son and a few others. Sania used to be not at all completely happy at this blatant breach of her privacy.

😂That’s the video you shot besides asking us,disrespecting our privacy even even though we had a toddler with us?& got advised off for doing so,& u came up with this crap?FYI ‘outing’ was once dinner & yes ppl are allowed to devour if they lose a match!Bunch of fools!Try better content nxt time😂 …

This is where Veena Malik jumped into the conversation. She referred to as Sania out for taking her son to a sheesha cafe and also requested if going out for junk food used to be appropriate for her as an athlete/athlete’s spouse and a mother.

Sania didn’t take anybody training her on how to be a suitable mom or a precise spouse very well, and rightfully so. I suggest Shoaib and Sania are adults, if they desired to have junk food, so be it.

The situation used to be aggravated similarly after Sania referred to Veena’s ‘not so decent’ journal shoots but then deleted her tweet however Veena used to be rapid to observe it. Sania refused to indulge in the conversation any further and blocked Veena (YIKES!).

Okay so this Happened. First, she tweeted then deleted that tweet right away and blocked me. I noted my worries in a very civilized manner.

Last however no longer least, Shoaib Malik additionally jumped into the dialog the day past and advised each person to not drag athletes’ families into petty discussions.

What do you think of this feud between Sania and Veena?

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