Ushna Shah Reply Back to Indian major Tweet for Encouraging War

Ushna Shah is back in action as we definitely call her an expert in giving shut down tweet replies to the personalities who speak against her or the nation!  But this time she is in tiff war of tweet replies with the Indian major and we could not stop ourselves from applauding her for this act!

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As we all know that the cross-border tension between India and Pakistan has been increasing rapidly. A great buzz has been coming into the way of the social media with each other day where the celebrities from both the industries are being caught defending their side of nation.  Just as after the airstrikes, many people expressed their views on the situation via social media.

Retired Indian Major instigated a much heated debate on social media with his anti-Pakistan statements while somehow encouraging war between two nations. He tweeted in a way as mentioned below:


Being so supportive for war, in return actress Ushna Shah in a strong way reply back that was much appreciating enough to talk about. This is what Ushna Shah has to say about the major tweet reply back!


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