Unknown Facts About Shaista Lodhi’s Second Husband

As we all know that Shaista Lodhi has tied the knot for the second time with her cousin Adnan. We know so much about Shaista Lodhi, but we don’t know much about her second husband Adnan. So today will tell you the unknown facts about Shaista Lodhi’s second husband.

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Unknown Facts About Shaista Lodhi’s Second Husband

shaista lodhi's second husband


1). Shaista is the cousin of her second husband Adnan.

2). Adnan is the first Pakistani auctioneer (a person who conducts auctions by accepting bids and declaring goods sold) in South Africa.

3). Shaista has two sons and one daughter from her first husband. Fortunately, all her kids have accepted Adnan as their father.

4). Adnan is 45 years old while Shaista is 43.

5). Adnan has one son from his first wife.

6). Mr.Adnan is a billionaire person.

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