Traditional Nagra Fashion 2011

Stylish and comfort foot wears are very essential for human as well as they enhance your personality.Men and women always wants to buy branded and easy wear sandals for all the day of work.There are many types of footwears are available in market like high heels sandals and slippers for the day in any season.In this catagory,Nagra(khussa) is also very known and common foot wear for men and women,both wears casually and formally parties and wedding.Nagra is very traditional foot wear of Eastern countries.There are some beautifully hand made emboridered and comfortable beeds work nagra collections are here below for you.

Nagra Collection 2011.














Shoes Style Khussa.














Nagra For Girls.












Khussa For Men.











Black Cut Work Style.









Men Wedding Nagra.









Nagra For Groom.










Nagra 2011 For Girls.










Pink Colour Nagra.









Nagra Collection.











Slipper Style Nagra.


















Nagra For Women.









Red Coloure Wedding Style.













Beeds Work Khussa.

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