Traditional Khussa Collection For Eid

During the season of this Eid-Ul-Fitar,So many types of footwears are available in markets,and at designer’s outlets like high heel sandals,slippers,kohlapuri chappal and shoes and much more styles on outlet like stylo,unze,metro etc etc,as there are traditional footwear Khussa(nagra) is also available in market on this special event of eid.Khussa has also so many styles and designs like high heels,cut shoes and emboridered khussa with beat work.Khussa is a very common in ladies and men fashion.They are wearing in wedding,parties or any other ocassions with all traditional dresses.They look stunning on foot and enhance the beauty of foot always.These are the new collection of khussa for you helping in your shopping.

Khussa For Eid.










New Nagra Style.













Khussa 2011.











Latest Khussa Collection.

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