Top Tips To Use Flowers In Fashion

Did you ever try using the flowers in your fashion style statement? If not, then checking out this blog post will make you surprise that how come any fresh use of flower be added in the fashion concepts.

Top Tips To Use Flowers In Fashion

Tip no 1:

On Top of a Hair Bun

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Flower will definitely be turning into the flower fashion statement when worn as a bun topper on top of your hair. This is simply taken to e the spotty area for the corsage to be located. It is very visible. You can make it match it up with a petal-printed blouse or a floral dress for a natural outfit blending.

Tip No 2:

On the Wrist, Worn Like a Bracelet

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You will be surely looking gorgeous as you would wear the flower on your wrist just like the bracelet in the event of summer afternoon day. That is the suitable day as you can match it up with an artless outfit such as the slip dress or a straight-legged jeans. You can even attach an elegant silk neck scarf at its ends.

Tip No 3:

On a Utility Jacket

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You can choose out alternating with the utility jacket pinned with daisy brooches that will look so superb. She clearly made a real flower fashion statement all the way by using corsages.


Tip no 4:

On a Buttoned Blouse at the Collar

Image result for flowers on button blouse at collar
This is so experimental and alluring looking! You can choose on with the single-flower corsage and pin it at the first button of your blouse. You can either put your hair down or tie it for the finishing touches.

Tip No 5:

Around the Neck

Image result for flowers on around the neck
On the last we would make you suggest to wear it around the neck. You can carry out attaching the flower onto a strap or a piece of cloth that you can easily wear it around your neck. You can mix and match it by choosing some floral dress, a plain-colored sleeveless top, or a spaghetti top.

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