Top Pakistani Fashion Model Aamir

Pakistani Fashion industry is overwhelmed with talent.We have people who thrive to make a difference, are devoted and dedicated to their work. Their aptness is one reason Pakistani industry has edge over the other industries. We have model though they be male or female who have innate talent for modeling and posing. Our fashion models are not only  famous nation wide but also have fans living through out the world. They leave their mark where ever they go. Beside all this, they being beautiful or handsomeis like icing on the cake. And today we will talk about one of such a model who is not only famous for his manly endowment but also for the devotion he has towards his work. A major reason behind his success is his candor and serious attitude towards work. His dedication for fulfilling is commitment and living up to his promise. Yes, We are talking about none other then the  Top Pakistani Fashion Model Aamir. Top Pakistani Fashion Model AamirThe famous stylish model of Pakistan fashion industry Aamir is recognized by his unique Personalty, Dressing and Performance. He has made his mark in the Pakistan Fashion industry due to these very factors. And he has groomed himself into something worth the extol and revere of some very important personalities in the industry and also made his place in hearts of people like us. His unconditioned and unquestioned loyalty and dedication to his work is the major reason behind his success.

Diversity In Modeling

Another reason behind his success is his, choice and preference of diversity while doing modeling. He doesn’t stick to one particular brand. Infact he believes in widening one’s horizon as that helps him  in testing the limit of his talent and bring a challenge and spice to his so called boring and dull life. He believes if you are doing something you are either in or your are out. There is no gray in between.

His passion for modeling is with him since childhood. And this passion drives him to do the deeds which many, in his field would back out due to the risk involved but no not our Amir, he thrives on dangerous and has gained this repetition due to trying out something novel, unique and dangerous. He dreams to give fashion industry new and novel techniques.

Amir is one of those few Models who are not interested in Dramas or commercials. His aim to become the top model of Pakistani Fashion industry. He is around Fashion Industry for quite a long time and we can still see the sparks and passion their, time only acted like a flue to the buring passion, Amir has for modeling. Despite his busy schedule  he takes time out for hobbies like Studying Western Models. And guess what, as shocking as it may sound but this alpha model of ours like “Spicy Lahore Food” so analogous to his personality. When asked about in preference to Pakistani food he said

The Taste Pakistani Meals hold can never be reproduced in another part of the world.One simply cannot compare.


 We are happy to have such dedicated models in our industry and we wish Amir all the best for his Future.


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