Top Model and Actress Fiza Ali Complete Profile is here with the complete profile of another fashion model Fiza Ali.

Pakistani fashion model Fiza Ali was born in 1984. Fashion model Fiza Ali started here career in the starting of 2000 as a model. Pakistani model Fiza Ali started her modeling career from Karachi. Later she moved to Lahore where fashion industry is more developed. In 2003, Top model and actress Fiza Ali after establishing herself in modeling and doing commercials for huge brands, she decided to take a step towards acting. Female model and actress Fiza Ali made her debut in Pakistani television industry with the all time hit drama Mehndi. The drama was not only hit at that time but also it became one of the most memorable dramas of Pakistani television industry. Top model and actress Fiza Ali has worked other in other dramas like love life aur Lahore, Chunri, Who Subah Kab Ayengi, Moum, and others.

Pakistani model Fiza Ali has given ten glorious years to Pakistani fashion industry and television industry. She recently has moved towards fashion designing. She launched her Kurti Line Collection under the brand name Signature Collection at Nairang Art Gallery Lahore. The collection consists of ready to wear eastern and western clothes.

In 2008, Pakistani fashion model and actor Fiza Ali married to Lahore based designer Fawad Farooq. After their marriage, she decided to move to Lahore forever. In 2012, Fiza Ali once again appeared on television with the morning show Subh Ki Fiza on A-Plus.

Female model Fiza Ali is also going to launch herself as a singer soon.

Below is the brief biography of fashion model Fiza Ali:

Birth Name: Fiza Ali
Age or Birthdates:  1978
Height: 5′ 6″
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Birth Place: Karachi Pakistan
Religion: Muslim
Wedding or Marriage Status: Married
Husband Name: Designer Fawad Farooq
Languages: Punjabi, Urdu, English


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