Top Famous Pakistani Celebrities Whose YouTube Channels Are Worth To Watch!

Social media has totally modified the dynamics of fame, there used to be a time when YouTubers became celebrities and now celebrities are becoming YouTubers, how instances change! Here are our preferred celebrities who make wonderful content on YouTube!

Ayesha Omar

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Revolving majorly round fitness, Ayesha Omar by using her YouTube channel offers you a sneak top of her existence with every vlog she makes, from getting equipped to taking her audience to the sets and imparting healthful guidelines in between Ayesha Omar has gathered pretty the fan following in no time!

Nadia Khan

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Our very favored morning exhibit host is now a full on YouTuber with around 599k followers and you can tell that she places a lot of effort in her videos! From tips on dropping weight to makeup reviews, tutorials, private grooming and DIY goodness, Nadia Khan has it all!

Bilal Khan

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When it comes to vlogging, singer Bilal Khan is literally at the pinnacle of his recreation proper now. From his awesome style of vlogging to sharing jinn experiences and having first-rate conversations with his buddies from the industry, Bilal and his content promise to hold you hooked!

Hina Altaf

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Her bubbly personality and content material has gotten her quite a lot of success on YouTube. With greater than 100k subscribers on her channel, Hina Altaf’s channel is about every viable theme you can imagine! From taking on price range challenges to exploring locations like Tuesday Bazaars and Zainab Market, Hina has a lot to offer!


Hania Aamir

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Newer to the lot, Hania Aamir’s channel is all about following her go about her day and sharing adventures with her fans. And even even though she’s not as steady with churning out vlogs, she sits at 133k subscribers on YouTube with her exciting and laid lower back fashion of vlogging.

Hira Tareen

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Model Hira Tareen is one who really maintains up with the tag challenges going around, along with the my-husband-does-my-makeup project which is hilarious! Hira has stored her YouTube channel solely round worldwide traits and she shares the whole thing from her health hobbies to GRWM to her vacation vlogs and we love it!

Areej Fatima

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From non-public grooming movies to her shadi preparations and extreme heart to heart baatein, Areej Fatima is every other YouTuber who has some thing exclusive to offer!

Which YouTuber do you love the most?

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