Top Actress Sara Chaudhry Biography

Sara Chaudhry was born on 27September, 1987. She is a Pakistani model cum actress. Her real name is Iqra which she changed to Sara after coming in Pakistani Fashion Industry. She has worked in many commercials, drama serials and films.

Sara Chaudhry started modeling when she was only 13 years old. To start modeling at such an early age is not an easy job but top model Sara Chaudhry did it very nicely. She wanted to be a doctor and modeling happened by chance. She was always curious about the showbiz and she got to become one of the showbiz personnel when she was in eighth grade. She says:

‘I got the chance to be a model when I was in 8th grade and it was my father’s friend who helped me to start this career. Though I had always been fascinated by this profession since childhood, but after actually becoming a model I had to face a lot of criticism, which discouraged me to some extent.’

However her parents have always been a full support system for her. They encouraged her and helped her to become the Pakistani fashion model and actress. Female model and actress Sara Chaudhry had limited resources that could help her to become the perfect model of that time. But she says that there was something inside her head that kept motivating her. Soon fashion model realized that modeling is not something she wants to pursue her career in. its acting she wants to do. Sara Chaudhry made her debut in television industry with the drama serial Behlawa.

Sara Chaudhry has worked in drama serials:


* Tareekiyan (Drama Serial)
* Teray Jaane ke baad (Drama Serial)
* Dil Diya Dehleez (Drama Serial)
* Tere Pehloo Mein (Drama Serial)
* Get Married (Comedy Serial)
* Lo Mankay Chali Main (Comedy Serial)
* Teri Ik Nazar (Drama Serial)
* Woh Rishtey Woh Natey (Drama Serial)
* URAN (film)
* Noukar Wohti Ka rewind (telefilm).
* Din Dhallay (Drama Serial currently being aired on PTV)
Pakistani fashion model Sara Chaudhry’s personal life is very interesting and filmy.  reveals it right her right now. Sara Chaudhry was engaged to some guy her parents chose for her. She was engaged in her childhood. One day she met a person while working in one of her plays. Later she came to know that this is the same person she has been engaged in her childhood. She says:

“It was like a typical Pakistani film story: here we were engaged since childhood, but we had never seen each other and later our sudden meeting revealed that secret. Now we are really happy about it. I might leave my work after marriage. Even if my fiancé allows me to continue, I’ll be doing fewer projects than at present.”

She is married to Sami Khan who was his fiancé but she came to know about it after knowing him as a friend.

Note: All Pictures Deleted by Us, as we’ve heard that Sara Chaudhry has left Showbiz and now she wear Hijab. So if she is wearning Hijab, we don’t have right to show her pictures to Public. Sorry if you found this unprofessional, but this is what i think as Owner of Style.Pk.



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