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Born on 14th August, 1980, Maria Wasti is another top actress of Pakistani Industry.This amazing actress is a born of Dar-es –Salaam, Tanzania. She spent starting seven years of her life there. Maria Wasti was interested in pursuing a career of business management and acting happened by chance. Top actress Maria Wasti’s parents wished she could become a doctor. In those days, only Pakistani Television Corporation (PTV) used to come on television. In 1980s, first ever Pakistani private channel, network television marketing (NTM) got launched. This channel used to show programs and serials targeted to younger generation. This is when Pakistani actress Maria Wasti got interested in acting.

Maria Wasti’s first break was in the play Sarah Aur Ammara. Female actress was approached by Bakhtiar Ahmed, program manager PTV Lahore Center. The play also starred popular film actress Resham. The play was about two sisters stuck between the chaos and confusion of arrange marriages. The show was super hit. Not only viewers liked it but critics too appraised the show as never before. Maria Wasti received lots of praises for her acting skills.

Maria Wasti wanted to act just because she had passion for arts. But later her parents, who wanted her to be a doctor at first place, told her to pursue a career in acting. After her first break, she soon started getting offers from all the centers of PTV located in different cities. At the starting of her career, people were doubtful. But later Maria Wasti proved that she is an amazing actress. Most memorable play for this top Pakistani actress is of Bano Qudsia’s Kallo. In this play, Maria Wasti had to look really dark who falls in love with fairer man. Through this role, Maria Wasti became successful right away. Another challenging role of Maria Wasti was of Baadlon Par Basera in which she was a woman victim who was forcefully married to a man in United States of America on the phone. When she meets the man, she realizes that man is much older than the picture show to her. For this role too, the top actress was given accolades.

Maria Wasti is famous for playing unglamorous and socially sensitive roles. Maria Wasti not only portrays roles of woman facing difficult situations but also she speaks for women rights, gender equality and prejudice on different occasion.

Pakistani actress also owns production house which has produced many serials and play till now.   attaches the list of Maria Wasti’s work:

Drama Serials:

  • Aashiyaana
  • Kabhi kabhi
  • Moorat
  • Sarah Aur Ammara
  • Boota from Toba Tek Singh
  • Neend (1990)
  • Baadlon Par Basera
  • Kaali Aankhain
  • Dharkan
  • Ahsaas
  • Buri Aurat
  • Kuch Dil Ne Kaha
  • Barish Kay Ansoo
  • Sheeshay Ka Mehal
  • Ruswa
  • Behkawa
  • Mohabbat
  • Dil
  • Khuda Ki basti (The Remake)
  • TV3 Karachi
  • Meri Laadli
  • Tere Liye
  • Tujh Pe Qurban
  • Aangan Bhar Chandni
  • Kuch Ankahi Baatain
  • Riyasat
  • Diya Jalay
  • Khandaan
  • Aey Ishq Hamain Barbad Na Ker
  • Woh Chaar
  • Love Kay Liye
  • Thori door Saath Chalo
  • Jab Hatheli Per Chand Likhna



  • Kallo
  • Parinda
  • Ae Bhai Zara Dekh Kay
  • Mama I Love You


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