Top 5 Watches Brands For Men

There would be no single person who would not love wearing luxury watches all the time. After diamonds, women are fond of wearing the watches that are set with luxury standards. There are so many brands in market world who are set with the luxury watches which you would desire to wear all the time. But to make the luxury watches rule on your wrist, it is important to let yourself know about the top luxury watch brands in world 2018 for men.  Let us make you learn about them!

Top 5 Watches Brands For Men


This company was established in the year 1851. It is basically a Swiss brand. This brand has been all engaged in offering the stylish designed luxury watches by all sizes. They add the crafting with the superb designing blend right into it.  So many celebrities like Brad Pitt, Nicolas Sarkozy and Pablo Picasso take this brand as their top favorite. This brand do offer the watches with the price range of $17,000-$1.3 million


This watch famous brand is run by Richemont group name as Vacheron Constantin. This brand started in the year 1755 in the place of Geneve. They are offering the watch styles that are highly conveted with the timeless feel of the elegance in it. This brand do offer the watches with the price range of $17,000-$6.5 million.





Jaeger-LeCoultre is standing at the 3rd spot of our list! This company has been best known in offering with the impressive style of the watches. This brand was set up in the year 1833. This brand do offer the watches with the price range of $5,000-$2.5 million. In 2013, the sold their watch model Atmos 561 at the cost of around $425,000.

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On the next we would be bringing on with the name of Audemars Piguet!  This brand turned out to be one of the well known watch brands in just the least time period of its set up. In 1875 this company was set up. Each single year this brand offers the manufacturing of around 36,000 different pieces of watches.

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On the last let’s have the name of Chopard!  Chopard is famous known for adding finest detailing in their watch designs. They start off in 1869 in the place of Switzerland. Their sophisticated designing with the jewelery timepiece styling makes it worth to buy.  

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