Top 5 Summer Hands Care Tips 2018

As soon as the summer season arrives, it brings so much of the conscious among the men and women in terms of taking care of their skin and hands. For any person taking care of face is much important because sun burning heat rays shows the maximum outcome on the face first of all. But that’s not all! You need to give away the special care to the hands as well. Therefore, right here we are mentioning with the important and top 5 summer hands care tips 2018 for you!

Top 5 Summer Hands Care Tips 2018

Make Use of Sunscreen Lotion:

As because of the exposure of the sun, it is possible that the face, hands and legs can get into the developing exposure of the skin cancer. Therefore, for the best care of the hands, you should be keeping them best protective by applying sunscreen lotion to the hands and also to some other parts which will be exposed to the sun.

Use Moisturizer


To save the hands from the sun burn, using the moisturizer would be the best option for you. You can eventually apply the moisturizer lotion over the hands. This would get absorb into the hands easily. You can even make the use of oil based creams before going to sleep.


Smooth Hand Massage:

Carrying out the procedure of the hand massage is another one of the best hands care tips in the summer season. This hand massage is also vital in order to increase upon the circulation of the blood and make the muscles relaxed as well. Some of the common hand massages are palm massage, as well as finger massage and stimulating massage.

Start Using Scrubber

As you got yourself out in the sun, you should not be missing out washing the hands with the scrubber. You can also make the use of cleansing milk that is to be rubbing on the face with the cotton. As you are all done with the cleaning you can rather think about to applying small quantity of scrub and massage all over the hands.

Use Home Remedy of Tomato Juice:

You can even take small amount of the tomato with the mixture of lemon and milk in it. You have mixed it equally and then rub the paste over the hands. Leave the paste for around 15 -20 minutes.

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