Top 5 Makeup Tips 2018 For Eid

Well as we all know that Eid festival is getting closer within one month and so all the ladies have been on many plans to look attractive in this summer season Eid festival. It will be burning hot this Eid so it is better to give your skin a perfect looking makeup to be the center of attraction. For this purpose, here we are sharing on with some of the easy and best makeup tips for Eid for you!

Top 5 Makeup Tips 2018 For Eid

Completely Rely on Concealer:  

You should try to completely avoid the primer and get yourself all rely on the concealer for sure. It would make assisting you in adding your makeup with the glossy smudge form of appearance.

Applying Tanning Creams:  

We would make you advice to make the application of the tanning creams all by means of the slight shimmer and peach or pink tones as color cast over the cheek bones, the nose and the temples. This will give the whole face with natural look.


Application of Highlighter:

You should not be missing out the application of the little highlighter on the cheekbones and also the brow bone and along the nasal bone.  You can also use your lipstick as the highlighter.

Use Transparent Mascara:

If you do think that waterproof mascara is irritating for the eyes, then you can alternate out to choose with the transparent mascara over your regular black on the upper lash line.

Bright Color Lips:

Last and most important of all, it would be advisable to make the use of bright color of lip shades in order to add up your lips with prominence and attraction.

So these have been the top 5 best and easy to follow makeup tips for Eid coming festivity! All the makeup tips are much easy to follow up without giving your task any sort of trouble. Stop wasting time and let’s try it!

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