Top 5 Looks Of Mehwish Hayat

Do you love copying actress Mehwish Hayat dress style looks? If yes, then without wasting any time here we have the list of flawless and top 5 looks of Mehwish Hayat until now!

Top 5 Looks Of Mehwish Hayat

1. Mehwish Hayat In Stylish Grey Maxi Gown:

In this look the actress is looking so stunning as she is amazingly dress in long fitted maxi gown. This dress style has been designed by Elan. She worn this dress at the event of the film premier launch of her upcoming film, Punjab Nahin Jaugi.

2. Stylish Mehwish Hayat in Gown Dress:

This second look of actress Mehwish Hayat is making her look like the diva as she is superbly dressed in long gown. This gown was designed by the designer Sania Maskatiya which she worn out amazingly on the event of trailer launch of the film, Punjab Nahin Jaugi.

3. Chic Mehwish Hayat in Overcoat Dress:



On the third we will be discussing about the Mehwish Hayat look which she dazzling add in her personality! She is wearing office wear trouser jeans with coat that made her look so fantastic. She dressed herself for the event of Actor In Law music launch in Dubai City.

4. Gorgeous Mehwish Hayat In White Beaded Dress:

This fourth look of actress Mehwish Hayat has been taken from the promotion of the film, Actor in Law. This look is so ravishing looking where she is elegantly dressed in whit beaded long jumpsuit dress.

5. Mehwish Hayat In Long Floral Gown Skirt:

Last we have the style look of actress Mehwish Hayat where she is not less than looking like a doll. She is beautifully dressed in floral long skirt which she wore on ARY Awards in 2016.

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