Top 10 Male Fashion Models Of Pakistan – Vote For Your Favorite Model

There are many Fashion Male Models In Our Fashion industry who have enhanced the value of men apparels and accessories by modeling with their decent looks and perfect body. Some of them are best and on top of the list of good male models. Here we have selected 10 top male fashion models of the year on the basis of looks and popularity. Vote for your favorite male model and then we will title the one as ‘The Male Fashion Model Of The Year’ who will have more votes then others.

Vote For Your Favorite Male Fashion Model

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Top 10 Male Models Of PakistanTop Male Models Of pakistan

1-Imran Abbas:

Imran Abbas is well known actor and fashion model. He is gorgeous man with innocent looks. He has worked with many designers.imran abbas

2-Abdullah Ejaz:

Abdullah Ejaz is a model who became very famous in very short time. He is one of the most decent and handsome having innocent looking face .He also got Lux Best Male Model Award.Top Male Models Of pakistan-Abdullah ejaz


3-Abdul Mannan:

Abdul Mannan is a Pakistani male model, photographer, film actor and a chess master. He is considered as a top male model as he has modeled for many big designers such as Deepak perwani and Amir Adnan and he is such a gorgeous man.Top Male Models Of pakistan-Abdul Mannan


4-Agha Ali:

Agha Ali is also known as Abbas Agha Ali. He is a multi talented person. He is a model, anchor, television actor and off course a singer too.Top Male Models Of pakistan-Agha Ali




Asad is a official model of Deepak Perwani and Amir Adnan and he is getting very famous for his flawless performance in his recent fashion shows.Top Male Models Of pakistan-Asad


Nael has worked with all the top designers including Amir Adnan, Munib Nawaz, Cross Roads, BIG, Labels, Levis, etc. It is also heard that he has signed any international brand too.Top Male Models Of pakistan-Nael


7-Azfar rehman:

Azfar rehman is a handsome and most stylish fashion model and actor And is considered as one of top models.Top Male Models Of pakistan-Azfar Rehman

 8-Hareeb Farooq:

Hareeb Farooqis one of most adorable model having innocent and very cute looks. He has worked with Amir Adnan, Lawrence Pur and Gul Ahmed.Top Male Models Of pakistan-Hareeb farooq

 9-Naeem Haq:

Naeem Haq started his career from TV and he did few things, but they could not make him famous. After working with top brands and fashion designers he became one of top models. He worked with many designers including Ammar Belal , Amir Adnan etc. he is doing photoshoot with big labels as Cross roads, Gullabo, and Daku.Top Male Models Of pakistan-Naeem haq

10-Emmad Butt:

Emmad Butt has become famous for his foreigner looks he has signed a contract with Khawar Riaz and has worked with telecommunication companies, although he just started few video and a few commercials, but we are already counting him in top models.Top Male Models Of pakistan-Emmad Butt

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