Top 10 Eyeliner Styles For Eyeslashes

Wajid Khan Beauty Salon

If you would be looking around inside the makeup world then there are so many astonishing styles of the eyeliner that are coming up for eyes. Applying the eyeliner is somehow a difficult task for the women and this is the main reason that they do hesitate around applying the eyeliner on their eyes. In the past makeup trends, a simple line over the top of the eyes was known as eyeliner. But now there are so many eyeliner styles that are coming up separately for the small and big eyes. Do you


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Wajid Khan Detail with reference to Eyes Styles Detail

Let’s check out the review and complete details of Wajid Khan beauty salon below. You will be able to see the pictures of his makeup and hairstyling also. Here in this post i have covered the services, makeup photos and charges of Wajid Khan beauty salon. You will also find the address and other contact details of Wajid Khan beauty salon in the end of post.

1. Winged Eyeliner Styles:
At top we would add up the name of Winged eyeliner style! This is known out to be one of the most famous and amazing styles of the eyeliner that would be giving your eyes with the gorgeous and stunning effects. Are you ready this superb eyeliner style? These days, winged eyeliner style is very popular among girls for attending parties.

2 Eyeliner Styles:
On the 9th spot, we have the 60’s eyeliner style as known out to be one of the top most favorite eyeliner styles among the small eyes. You would be finding yourself to be the 60’s era of the diva right inside this eyeliner style because it is so gorgeous looking. Go and try this amazing eyeliner style form right now!

3 Cat Eye Eyeliner Styles:
Coming to the next we would talk about the cat eyeliner style that is another one of the favorite eyeliner style forms for the small eyes. It would be applied outside the pointed tips of the eyes that would be giving your whole eye with the bigger effects. As you would apply it you would be finding your eyes a lot attractive and change in appearance. With this eyeliner style, your small size of eye looks beautiful.

4 Smudged Eyeliner Styles:
Smudged eyeliner style is giving its one of the top most prominent positions in the favorite list of the women. This eyeliner style does need some perfection in your hands because after the application it does demands for the perfect smudging as well.

5 Flick Eyeliner Styles:
Flick eyeliner style is another one of the incredible eyeliner styles among the women. This eyeliner style is much captured among the women inside the party places and night time functions. This eyeliner can be applied in both the thick and thin forms. You should give a try to this eyeliner style for sure!

6 Retro Eyeliner Styles:
Retro eyeliner style is on the 5th spot on our list as being one of the most top favorite eyeliner styles among the women. This eyeliner style is very much similar to the 60’s eyeliner style. You can apply it either with the use of pencil or with the brush. If you want to give your eyes with some attractive impression then without wasting any time try with this eyeliner style look now!

7 Eyeliner Styles:
Fishtail eyeliner is known out to be one of the best eyeliner styles for the women with the bigger eyes. Through this eyeliner style, you would be finding your bigger eye calls to be much more prominent looking. Apply it now and turn your eyes unique looking from others!

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