Tips to look traditionally Eastern

Looking perfectly eastern involves knowing what to bare_ and what to keep for a traditional appearance. Here We’have got you covered with a few tips that will help you in your vogue.

Cultural Kurtas :

Imagine the boys dressed in kurtas adorned with subtle embroidered sleeves soliticiously blended with a combination of cultural motif details around neckline. Thoughtfully tailored  To make them look classy even at a glance !

Here are some J. Kurta collection clicks :


J. Brand is rich in elegant and stylish traditional ensembles.

Elegant stoles :

Stoles are elegantly simple, yet they spice up a traditional attire with a luxurious laid back look adding a oerfect concord between the cultural outfits created for you instantly. Hues of burgundy, blue or golden stoles would be perfectly adequate to deliver your status from norm to royal !

Classy turbans :

Turbans are exclusively made to crown a classy attire and enhance a debonair appeal traditionally. An amazing maroon turban with antique details will deliver a loud statement of cultural breakthrough while you readily walk across the entrance of a grand traditional event.


♣ Maroon turban gives classy look to men especially to grooms.

Peshawri chappal :

Going out for a casual walk ? Buckle up apair of Peshawri Chappal and step out confidently. After all it is a traditional Pakistani crafting that will enhance the Eastern flair of your outfit amply.

It is A Pakhtoon’s Tradition.

Royal khussas :

Slip on a pair of traditional crispy detailed Khussas to add a pretentious charm to your outfit instantly. Khussas have always been a sign of “ROYALTY” so you surely will be contemplated with respect wherever uou may ramble !

Black and vintage khussa stuff

“Sign of Royalty”

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