Tips to Give Your Lipstick a Neat Finish and a Perfect Shape

Perfectly applied lipstick is the most essential part when it comes to make up. However, many of us are not able to give our lips a perfect shape and a neat finish. So here we are with a simple solution, follow the steps below and you will be able to do the MAGIC!

How to apply lipstick 004


  1. First of all, cleanse your lips with a good cleansing milk.
  2. Dab some foundation on your lips and let it dry for some time.
  3. Open your mouth and outline your upper lip with the help of a lipstick brush (note: do not stretch)
  4. Next, press your lips together and then outline the lower lip with the lipstick and then fill in.
  5. Press your lips with a tissue paper.
  6. Apply a bit of powder on your lips and start outlining again with a brush. This time with a darker shade.
  7. Press your lips again to blend the two shades


There you are! Done with perfectly finished lips!


Perfect lipstick 002


Perfect lips 003

Applying Lipstck 001



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