Tips on How To Apply Concealer

You have to go to a party, and out of no where a small pimple has appeared on your face. Now what to do ? Don’t worry makeup can help you cover anything and everything. You can easily use a concealer to lessen the effects of that pimple. Or you have been up all night and in the morning you have to attend a meeting, but alas you have dark circle. Worried how to get rid of them. Not to worry, you can always use the help of concealer. In this beauty article of ours we will tell you tips on how to apply concealer. 

Tips on How To Apply Concealer

It is equally important that you chose the right kind of concealer for your skin. How to apply concealer does matter, but the right choice of concealer also hold merits. For different kinds of problems there are different kind of concealers. For example or dark circles you should opt or for a thick texture concealer and so on. Following are some tips on how to apply concealer.

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Apply Moisturizer

The first tip among the tips on how to apply concealer is; applying moisturizer. It is very important that you moisturize your skin before your apply concealer. Only then will you concealer give a smooth look rather then giving a fake and a bumpy look. Once done moisturizing choose concealer in accord to your problem. Different concealers for different problems are listed below.

If You Are Suffering From Dark Circles

How to apply concealer for dark circles ? Put small amount of concealer near to the base of your eyes i.e. the inner corner. You should draw a line outwards as far as the cheekbones goes. And you need not to rub it, use patting motions instead. As this will result in better coverage of dark circles

If You Have Wrinkles On Your Face

The best thing about concealers is that you can use them everywhere on your face. You can apply them on your wrinkles too. In case you have wrinkles around your eyes you have to be extra careful. You should always use the light texture concealer for wrinkles.

If You Are Facing In consistencies in Skin

You can also use concealer for the inconsistencies in your complexion, such as reddening of the nose or along the laugh lines etc. They will really be help for you. Concealer are a big help while doing makeup.

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