Tips For Chapped Lips

Tips-For-Chapped-Lips During winter many of us found our lips getting chapped quite often. Our lips are very sensitive and hence a change in climate can have a major affect on them. In winter, moisture loss is the main reason why they become chapped and hence in order to keep them healthy and pulpy we need to moisturize them. So a smart beauty tip would be to keep lip moisturizers and lip balms in your handbags so that your lips do not get chapped. Here are few natural ways to keep your lips strong and pulpy.

  • Buy lip balms and lip moisturizer that has an oil base because they are very helpful in restoring and holding up moisture in the lips.
  • Take milk cream and mix few drops of rose water and limejuice in it. Mix them nicely and apply this home made remedy on your lips. This paste will not only exfoliate dead skin cells but it will also keep your lips moisturized and remove the dryness of your lips.
  • Try to use beeswax or petroleum lip balm because they will make a protective layer around your lips and will keep dryness out of your lips.
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