This Pakistani Girl Defends The Polish Vlogger Kiki Challenge

Polish tourist and vlogger Eva Bianka Zubeck performed the popular ‘Kiki Challenge’ while holding the national flag on a PIA aircraft just days ago. This had, however, created trouble for the airline from the National Accountability Bureau NAB. PIA posted this on Twitter on 12th August. The vlogger dared to attempt the famous Kiki challenge on an airplane. She was dancing inside the aircraft (draped in Pakistani flag) before coming out of the plan to complete the Kiki challenge. PIA announced very proudly on Twitter that the Polish tourist will be celebrating Pakistan’s Independence Day in a different way. However, all of this did not go as planned. NAB took action against it and called the attempt ‘an insult to the national flag’.

The bureau believed that the woman not just disrespected the national flag by wrapping it around her body but also violated the security codes of the national airlines and the airport. “We want to know that who allowed the woman to go into an empty aircraft and dance at the airport”. Eva posted a video talking about her Kiki challenge Later, a Pakistani girl, Anam Hayat, took a stand and explained in rather a sarcastic way. But guess this is the way we Pakistanis understand.

“Eva Zu Beck,


I’m glad you tried to promote Pakistani tourism but sadly you shouldn’t have done that wrapping our country’s flag around your arms because our flags can certainly be falling off from houses and cars, eventually lying on the floors, torn and dusty without anybody enough active to pick them up , but not at any cost be worn on one’s hands

It’s great to see how you integrated the most happening ‘kiki’ challenge but it was certainly a bad idea because we here only enjoy and share kiki challenges where women are harassed by strangers on the roads.

All of this to promote Pakistani tourism was apparently a fail idea because we are known as a violent extremist country and for you to put in an effort to show how friendly and fun loving we are as a nation was definitely a disrespect and an insult to most of us. However, still looking for more positivity and good intentions from foreigners all across the globe.


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