This is How Yasir Hussain and Hania Aamir Social Media Clash Started

Hania Aamir recently took to Instagram to get real as all about her skin and the unrealistic standards of beauty we often impose on ourselves. Just at the time of sharing the bare-faced side profiles, the actor aimed to show her skin and her acne, in order to talk about how much we let our skin define us.

In her post, she says, “Nobody should feel the pressure of matching the ridiculous societal beauty standards. Have your own. Beauty is within and anybody who makes you feel small because of what you LOOK like shouldn’t be around you!”

Hania goes on to say this as well, “To all the brothers and sisters out there! Being a celebrity does not mean perfection; it only means we have chosen a profession that makes us and our lives public but certainly not that we do not go through issues in life; Every individual has their own. Perfection is not what we should be seeking, being comfortable in our own skin is the key.”

Later in the day, actor Yasir Hussain had fans ask him some of the Instagram questions. One of them asked him to describe Hania Amir and his response was pretty insensitive. He answered by calling her ‘danedar’, in reference to her post about her acne.


Hania’s first response was to call him out on this while also dragging him for his comments.  She specifically says, ‘muaaf kijiye meray dost ko. Inko aaj kal inappropriate jokes marni ki aadat hogayi hai.’ She then goes on to explain why such jokes are extremely problematic.


Hania Aamir talks about how people chose someone else’s insecurities as a way to make fun of them. She says that such behavior is wrong on a lot of levels and is downright disrespectful and rude. She ends her note by saying, ‘Degrading is not funny. I’m not laughing, no one is’.

It, however, seems like Hania’s rant fell on deaf ears as Yasir still tried to defend his “joke”. Hence making jokes about someone’s appearance or insecurities is a phenomenon that we suffer as a society. A lot of people have been fat-shamed, skinny-shamed, have been bullied for their skin color, or have been made fun of for a hundred different things they have no control over. This is exactly what Yasir Husain is doing by answering a normal question with ‘danedaar’. It was unnecessary and in bad taste, and not what ‘dost’ do to each other.

More power to you Hania Aamir!

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