This is how Our leading actresses are Sharing their beauty standards with their ‘natural’ looks

Women have nearly constantly been subjected to impossible standards of beauty. Our subculture ranks ladies by way of their face value. “Itni lambi, itni choti, itni kaali, itni moti” are some of the phrases nearly all of us have heard at one point in our lives. If you are a born and bred Pakistani, possibilities are you’ve heard desi aunties talking about mohallay ki larkiyan like they are some piece of meat. Our enterprise is no exception.

The trend, however, seems to be changing. But earlier than we delve deeper into how it’s changing, it is fundamental to apprehend that the splendor requirements fluctuate with changing landscape around the world however one thing that stays consistent is the fact that in all places ladies are told, they are no longer desirable enough. If you favor to sense horrific about yourself, just go shopping. The plethora of merchandise on hand is marketed in the ideal way to make female think that the entirety about them is wrong in some way or the other.

Haina Amir, let’s name her a trendsetter, posted a picture of her “not so perfect skin” and man, was once that relevant. Hania talked about how her pores and skin had been performing out and her warfare with pimples susceptible skin, which is analogous to each and every different girl’s skin problems.


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Following Hania’s suit, Mehwish Hayat and Ayesha Omar posted pictures of their morning faces. Lately, posting natural pictures has emerge as a style in its personal way. Actresses like Iqra Aziz, Sadaf Kanwal, Mahira Khan, Maya Ali, Syra Shehroz and many others are in the main viewed wearing natural looks. Now it is to be noted that these girls are beliefs of thousands of younger Pakistani girls subsequently they rallying towards society’s definition of beauty and stepping out in all their natural glory is a large step.

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