This is How Asim Azhar is Protecting Hania Aamir on Social media Trolls

Asim Azhar and Hania Aamir are most cherished stars of our showbiz industry as they are two celebrities as well as they are great companions also.  Do you want to know how Asim Azhar is protecting Hania Aamir?

As of late Hania Aamir posted a photograph with Sahir Ali Bagga on her insta where you will see her rehearsing for an up and coming tune! While the caption of the post was “Allah miyaan izzat rakh lr bas” and an unknown person left the remark as “Mat Gaana Please”. Also, this is the thing that Asim answered to that person: “OK ARIJIT SINGH”.

It has to be noted different Pakistani show on-screen character had just sung a few tunes and this time Hania Aamir is attempting her fortunes in music. Well we all know the friendship status of these two celebrities and the way they have been getting cozy with their picture posting with each other that has raised so many questions in their fans that whether they are dating or not.


It is also to be mentioned that the couple is soon appearing together in the telefilm as well on which they are working these days. Plus the rise of their friendship did happened when they both made an appearance together on the ramp shows and they definitely looked complimenting for each other.


Definitely a friend like Asim azhar is worth to have where he has been always protecting his friend over the social media trolls. The prove is right in front of you! So many more examples have been head right away too where both of these friends have been witnessed supporting each other on the top to be the center of attraction of the fans on social media.

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