Things you do Love and Hate about Baaji! Check out the Story!

The much-awaited Saqib Malik directorial Baaji is formally out in cinemas for the public to see and the bigger query whether each person would desire to watch it and whether or not it’s even worth it is on everyone’s mind.

Well…here’s our answer to it…

The film, which revolves round Shameera (Meera), an actress on the downward curve of her career, who through an exploration of friendships, love and betrayals finds herself in turmoil and trauma, has a ton of enhancing issues, and there are places the place the movie is downright absurd.

What makes the film stand out, and what are its downers? Here’s the lowdown…

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The Good


Meera is a breath of fresh air, and she appears stunning in each and every scene on the celluloid with her kaleidoscope of emotions. If this is anyone’s film, it’s Meera’s! Take a bow.

Amna Ilyas

She’s the queen of her scene, and even though she is competing for screentime against any one as reliable as Meera, Amna holds her location in Baaji. Her rags to riches story set on a milieu of life-changing irritating experiences seem and breathe beautifully. She’s a title to watch out for.

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The film is shot beautifully, let’s provide it that. There are moments in the film the place the shots are executed up aesthetically and seem pretty pleasing. A large kudos to the Director of Photography who made an effort to keep matters looking like a film and now not a glorified TV play.



We’ve said this before, and we’ll repeat it, the movie has a magnificent determination of music, and the songs are to die for! The humble nod to Lollywood with the aid of Saqib is no longer an afterthought, and each music fits the situation nicely. No random object songs, but track which looks beautiful the place it is.

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The Bad & Ugly:

The Script

In what was once supposed to be an ode to old-school Lollywood narratives, we thinking the movie would have the right oomph if nothing else with the script. However, it’s a main letdown via Irfan Ahmed Urfi here. There are simply too many loopholes and now not ample answers. Without giving out too many spoilers, let’s say, the script is probable the weakest in this movie in assessment to so many different videos that have come out.

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The Editing

There had been so many fade-in/outs in the movie that it made our head dizzy! Also, the sound in the movie which includes historical past scoring and dialogues, are so echo-y it hurts.

The Ending

While the ending is thrilling for so many, the final 15 minutes of the film is gruelingly long. They do not favour to the movie and make it so utterly predictable that it breaks the buildup the film creates in its runtime. Again, a problem the creator may want to have constant however chose to let go solely to create a bad time for the audiences.

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