The truth behind Designer Tabssum Mughal’s case – See video

Designer Tabassum Mughal is innocent. First the victim has beaten staff member of Tabassum Mughal, then she was beaten by manager. According to police, all the marks on victims body are edited.

The truth behind Designer Tabssum Mughal’s case:-

Shagufta Noor ( the victim) went to Tabassum mughal a few months ago to order three dresses for her daughter’s wedding. One for the nikkah, the other for the shaadi and last one for the Valima. The client wanted the Nikkah dress to be green on which Tabassum suggested her a pink colour since her daughter had a slightly darker tone. So after the dress was made, it was a slightly a darker shade of green (which was the designer’s fault). Shagufta and her daughter started screaming at her on which she asked them to pick any dress of their choice from Tabassum Mughal’s collection or take the money in cheque but they refused and asked for cash payment on the spot which was not possible for designer at that time. Only single dress went wrong, but the woman demanded refund for all three dresses. Then the argument and fight started. The woman took off her shoe and hit one of LADY staff members upon which the manager came to stop the quarrel. But, it got worst and both the parties started beating each other. The Lady was not alone there, her husband and son were also there.

Additional info : It was also found out that the daughter’s Nikkah was cancelled due to some other unknown reason and she didn’t want to pay for the extra dress hence, the whole drama was created.

Police after reaching Tabassum’s studio, arrested the Manager. After that, they agreed to discuss and solve the matter. The woman and her husband demanded that they will take the case back if they are paid double the amount. Later they agreed to accept 5.5 lacs as compensation which was given to her on the spot and the case was solved. Money cannot compensate for that, but it was ladies’ decision.


See The truth behind Designer Tabssum Mughal's case

This is an agreement in which Victim Shagufta agreed to receive 5 lacs

See the video in which Victim Shagufta agreed to get 5 Lacs:-


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