The Queen of Lolly-wood Heart winning Walk on Ramp for Pepsi…Reema Khan.

The Queen of Lolly-wood Heart winning Walk on Ramp for Pepsi…Reema Khan is the most famous and greatest star of Lollywood. She is also a well known model as well as actress of Pakistani big Screen.Last days she walked on ramp after some times and won the hearts of public with her style.No doubt she is always a great talented person.

The Queen of  Lolly-wood.

The Lollywood , is the oldest film industry of Pakistani Cinemas  based in Lahore Punjab Between 1929 and 2007, Lahore was the center of Pakistani cinema, producing films in both Punjabi and Urdu Languages. Since 2007 however Karachi has largely overtaken Lahore in Urdu film productions. The word “Lolly-wood” was coined in the summer of 1989 in Glamour magazine published from Karachi by gossip columnist Saleem Nasir.Reema khan is always the Queen of Pakistani Cinemas.She started her career in Urdu movies in 1990 from movie Bulandi directed by Javed Fazil.Her movie was the first movie in Pakistani cinema History which has a premier in hotel.From her first movie she got great fame and she is still the Queen of Pakistani Cinemas.

Reema Khan a Charming personality as well As a great Perform

Reema khan has a charming personality as well as she is a great performer.She is a well  known actress and model.But now she turned in a director and producer and she also successful in these two profession.She is Born: October 27, 1971.  she decided to tie the knot. An arranged marriage with the American-based Pakistani cardiologist Tariq Shahab led her to Virginia, where she started her family life. Not one to sit idle, Khan soon grabbed a web show for America Abroad.interestingly titled, Reema Ka America the show had Khan introduce the viewers to her new life in the US. The last time she visited Pakistan, she had a brief stint as a chat show host on PTV.



Reema Khan poised for a comeback?

It is not clear as of now whether she intends to do a film or take up an acting assignment on TV.But shw walked on ramp with great passion . It should be interesting to see what the ever enterprising lady comes up with next.Last days after some time she walked on ramp.Reema Khan Amazing Ramp Walk at Pepsi Generation Showcase Lahore.That was realy heart winning walk by the Queen.She always known for her different look,style glamour ,acting and also for her behaviour.She worked a lot and still working with great dignity.

She is the brand ambassedor of Pepsi.she did many ads for this brand and still working in their ads.

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