The Best Foods for Skin Care in Summer 2012

In this post we will discuss best foods for skincare in summer 2012. If any women wants to get healthy and smoother complexion in hot summer season they women should read this informative and interesting post. Now we will discuss best foods for skincare in summer 2012.

  1. Tomatoes:

                     No doubt tomatoes are considered to be best defense for proper skincare. Tomatoes include powerful and healthy antioxidant known as lycopene. If you want to keep your skin against harmful and dangerous ultraviolet rays then you should eat tomato sauce and tomato paste in summer.


2. Green Tea:

                 Green tea is famous as an antioxidant powerhouse. According to recent research that green tea is very effective and beneficial in summer 2012 for protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays. It is strongly advisable that every woman should drink at least one cup of green tea daily in summer season.

3. Walnuts:


              It’s the dream of every woman to get healthy and fresh skin in summer season. So, if women face redness or acne breakouts in summer season then she should use walnuts. Moreover, walnuts are naturally and effective anti inflammatory and they help the women skin in order to protect from different chemicals and other harmful toxins.

4. Yogurt:

              Lastly, yogurt is considered as the best food for skincare in summer season. According to recent and latest research that yogurt is an excellent food for skincare for dealing with acne problems, dandruff and eczema. Apart from skincare, if women seriously face dandruff problem then she should use yogurt.


 Finally, these are best foods for skincare in summer 2012. If any women want that her skin should glow and looks fresh in hot season of summer then she should include these foods in her diet. In this way, every woman would definitely get healthy and glowing skin in summer.

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