Telenor Bridal Couture Week 2015 Day 3 Review

Telenor Bridal Week 2015 has at last ended up with the extra excitement and entertainment of some of the exceptional looking designer collections of bridal wear. This time Telenor Bridal Week 2015 was arranged in Lahore at the place of Flatties Hotel from 11th December 2015 till 13th December 2015. On the last Day of the event some of the best designers came forward with their top class collections of bridal and groom wear. Just like the previous 2 days of the fashion event this last day even stops so many hearts beats with their pleasingly unique collections.

Telenor Bridal Couture Week 2015 Day 3 Review

1. Damas Jewellery:

At the Day 3 of the fashion event we capture the breath taking collection of jewellery by Damas Jewellery! This collection stopped the heart beats of so many people who simply fall their hearts out on each and every single jewellery item. The jewellery designs were infused with the gold and diamonds where beads and motifs have been used in a beautiful way. Humayun Saeed was the show stopper for the Damas jewellery collection.

2. Mehdi:

At the next we have the bridal collection by Mehdi brand! Just like his previous collections Mehdi has added the bridal dresses with the coverage of the traditional as well as elegant looking designs. In the collection you can find the long shirts and medium form of shirts with the lehengas. This time Mehdi has even introduced with the concept of the lehenga cholis as well. Plus men dashin sherwanis were even placed in the collection. Famous model Mehreen Syed was the show stopper for the Mehdi collection.

3. Asifa & Nabeel:

At the next we have the collection by Asifa & Nabeel! In the collection the designer has put together the superb designed long and medium shirts with the lehengas. Heavy working of embroidery and stone work has been done in which the dark and light form of shades have been used in terms of coloring.

4. Nilofer Shahid:

Nilofer Shahid bridal collection at the Telenor Bridal Couture Week 2015 Day 3 was quite unique because she has just added the silver and white shades in the bridal dresses that includes the long shirts with lehengas and sherwanis for menswear as well. For the bridal collection of Nilofer Shahid the show stopper was actress Humaima Malick.

5. Zainab Chottani:

In the Zainab Chottani stunning bridal collection you will be finding with the stylish designed long and knee length shirts paired with the lehengas. In some of the corners you will going to find the appearance of the medium shirts with cigaretta pants too. Sherwani for men are even placed in the collection. Light blue, pink and white shades are prominently used in dresses.


6. Erum Khan:

Moving to the next comes the pretty looking designer Erum Khan collection at the Telenor Bridal Couture Week 2015 Day 3. Right inside this collection the designer has been putting together the coverage of the long shirts with lehengas, plus sarees and shirts with trousers. Heavy form of embroidery work, stone, dabka and motifs have been used over the bridal dresses. For the Erum Khan collection the show stopper was actress Resham.

7. Fahad Hussayn:

Fahad Hussayn collection was perfectly the best example of the elegance and Mughal trends of bridal fashion. Both bridal lehengas and groom menswear sherwanis were added up in the collection. Fahad Hussayn has as usual made the best use of dark and bright color shades such as red, maroon, purple and many more.

8. Sahar Atif:

Sahar Atif collection was quite an attractive looking because she highlight the dresses as the blend of the western and eastern styles. She feature up the lehengas and long shirts with cigarette pants. Plus skirts and short dresses for the bridal wear were even introduced. Heavy form of embroidery work with motifs and highlights of dabka and stone has been even used up.

9. House of Arsalan Iqbal:

At the last we have the most wanted collection by House of Arsalan Iqbal! This collection was the combination of the menswear as well as bridal wear dresses. For the menswear the designer brand has showcased the trendy designed sherwanis with turbans. For the bridal wear the designer installed the lehengas with long shirts and churidar pajamas.

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