Tamgha-E-Imtiaz Winner Mehwish Haya New Item Song as “Gangster Guriya” is Finally Out

‘Baaji’s’ new object track has Mehwish Hayat as the ‘Gangster Guriya.’ ‘Baaji’ stars Meera, Amna Ilyas and Osman Khalid Butt in lead roles, and from the promos, it feels like a recycled storyline about a easy girl who dreams big, makes it to the pinnacle and sooner or later reasons the downfall of an already reigning star (we’re hoping it may surprise us). However, the elegance and clear money in the back of the production of the movie pits it as a possible box-office hit – and they simply delivered in an object music too.

Yasir Hussain cheesily opens the tune by using saying “I determined the best gangster guriya…”

Before Mehwish arrives as a Katrina-Kaif-inspired guriya indeed. The song, sung by using Bollywood singer Sunidhi Chauhan is set in a grunge junkyard, and Mehwish looks gorgeous.

Her dance moves are impressive, albeit rather stiff, however laudable nonetheless. Mehwish’s appears seem to be very heavily inspired through Katrina Kaif (remember ‘Husn Parcham)?



Mehwish’s hairstyle too! The song is undeniably catchy and pops sufficient to make it a pure item-number hit.

Here’s the full song:

Do you think this trend of item song should be followed up in Pakistan media industry?

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