Syra Yousuf Trolled For Having Imperfect Skin

Syra Yousuf is considered one of the most beautiful, charming and fashionable actresses in Pakistan’s entertainment industry. Syra Yousuf Trolled For Having Imperfect Skin, She made her debut in 2011 with the TV series “Mera Naseeb” Syra has more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram. The world praises its beauty, but few people openly point out its imperfections. Recently, Serra’s sister beautician Palwasha shared an unedited photo of the actress Bilqees Kaur on her Instagram account. Soon after sharing the photos, Internet users immediately began to criticize Syra’s skin.

Syra Yousuf Trolled For Having Imperfect Skin

An internet user wrote:

“You just forgot Photoshop.”

Another wrote:

“Skin kitni kharab hogae”

On the other hand, many users recognize Syra and think it is real.

“We all have imperfections…people are sometimes so ruthless…

Why do we forget that these celebrities are also humans… wrote an internet user?

Previously, Syra Yousuf posted a photo on Instagram, explaining: “When the staring game between you and the cat ends in a slow and slow long blink, it means’I love you’.

Later, she was asked to play a role in “Rock On 2”, but because the time was about the same time as the wedding preparation, she couldn’t do it.

“I want to focus more on Pakistani films, but I don’t mind going beyond my limits. I also provided me with Hollywood films directed by a producer from Dil Se.”

She added: “The reason they didn’t include this is because even though they want to play a Pakistani role in the movie, they want her to be a very naughty Pakistani girl.”

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