Suno Chanda will be Back with Third Season in 2021! Are you Ready for it?

It was once remaining year at some point of Ramzan that we obtained to meet Arsal and Jiya as nicely as their fantastic household contributors who reminded us that no depend how tough lifestyles got family cohesion used to be a must. A comedy well worth watching, again and again, this year we have been delighted to view its 2d season as nicely which showed the duo married and Jiya heading to the UK for further studies.

Now the place we idea that this is it, closing night we had been stunned yet extremely joyful to examine that a season 3 is certainly being considered! With the information shared via BBC Asian Networks Haroon Rashid, we hope it does manifest as he published on twitter,

‘Hello Suno Chanda fans. Momina Duraid has confirmed there ARE discussions about a third season however it will not air in 2020’.


Sad to hear that however what was interesting to study used to be that if it does appear than partly it will be shot in the UK as he in addition added,

‘There will be 2 year gap and if it happens, it will air in 2021. Part of the sequence will be set in the UK ‘.

Well, we for one cannot wait for it and hope that Ahson Talish will proceed to direct it as properly as see the return of Mithoo (Raza Talish) and his awesome mother Pari performed brilliantly through Arjumand Rahim and of path everyone’s favored Shahana essayed by using Nadia Afgan.

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