Sunny Leone Beats All Bollywood Celebrities. But How?

Former adult actress Sunny Leone beats all Bollywood celebrities, seems surprising na? But we are not talking about Sunny’s fight with other celebrities. We aren’t talking about the “Dish’um Dish’um Dish’kya” fight!

Then how Sunny Leone beats all celebrities? Well, at the end of year 2015, Google has officially released the list of most searched personalities in India and the number most searched person was not Deepika Padukone, Salman Khan, SRK, Aishwarya Rai or Katrina Kaif, but it was the sizzling Sunny Leone.

Why People Love Sunny Leone?

Sunny Leone beats all Bollywood celebrities


If we take a look at the audience overview, then it’s clear that Sunny Leone is much more famous among males. Obviously, she is famous for her bold performances in songs like Baby Doll, Chaar Bottle Vodka, Pani Wala Dance, Super Girl From China and her bold scenes in Bollywood movies.

Sunny Leone’s new movie ‘Mastizaade’ is all ready to be released in Indian cinemas. It’s an 18+ comedy movie and the movie was having trouble with the censor board. But at last, the adult comedy movie passed the censor test.

Although credit goes to her bold dance and performance for making her the most searched personality in India, the place which Katrina-Deepika-Salman Khan-SRK could not achieve, we have to admit the fact that the former adult actress also looks gorgeous. She has a unique face cut and looks amazing with a ‘red’ lipstick and light makeup.

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