Summer Dresses For Men and Women by Zayn Rashid Designs

ZR Zayn Rashid is one of the emerging designer from Peshawar. He has started his career in fashion designing 5 years back and participated in 3 fashion shows. 2 in Islamabad ( Fashion Gala 2011 and ITP Awards) and one in Peshawar to showcase his menswear collection.
This year Zayn Rashid has launched his Summer collection 2011 in different style. The name of Zayn’s latest summer collection is Colorida Allure which means Colorful Attraction, which we can see from his dresses. Every design in zayn’s summer collection for women has different colors, cuts and designs while dresses for men by Zayn Rashid are simple and decent which give a pure manly look in a stylish way.
ZR Designs this summer are one of the best collection you can see. Price range of ZR Collection is between Pakistani Rupees 2800 to PKR 4000 which is very low as compared to few big names and cloth quality and designs are very much better than of those.

Plum Maze =3200 Rs
7 piece dress

Plum Maze Dresses – Colorida Allure Catalog

ombre = 3700 Rs
5 piece dress

Ombre 5 piece Dress For Beautiful Pakistani Girls


Romance= 3500 Rs
7 piece dress

Latest Summer Collection For Women

fresh charm =3500 Rs
7 piece dress

Ladies Dress Fresh Charm by Designer

Geometric Flaire = 4000 Rs
8 piece dress

Dresses For Girls in Pakistan by Designer Zayn Rashid

Colorida = 4000 Rs
6 piece dress

Pink chess= 3500 Rs
8 piece dress

Colorida and Pink Chess Suits For Women in Pakistan


Floral Attire = 3000 Rs
5 piece dress

Beautiful Floral Attire Dresses For Beautiful Women – Women Wear

Midnight Love=3500 Rs
3 piece dress

Beautiful Dresses by Designer Zayn Rashid Midnight Love

Polki= 3500 Rs
7 piece dress for girls

7 Piece Polki Dress For Women by Zayn Rashid

Blocked Diva=3800 Rs
6 piece dress

6 Piece Block Diva Dress For Girls by Designer

Navy cut= 3500 Rs
4 piece dress
4 Piece Suits For Women by Zayn Rashid

Stylish circle = 3500 Rs
5 piece dress

Mosaic = 2800 Rs
5 piece dress

3shaded phool= 4000 Rs
4 piece dress

Zayn Rashid’s Latest Summer Collection Suits For Women in Pakistan


Designing and Styling : Zayn Rashid

Photography : Fawad Azhar

Models : Alizey and Faiz

Accessories : Fatima Ali Junaid

Hair & Makeup : Sundas Tariq

Contact Number of Zayn Rashid Designs

Phone   0345-9081795

Source : Zayn Rashid Designs

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